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We’re here to lead early and mid-career professionals to define and achieve financial independence.

Why take your journey with FlightPath Financial Planning

As a pilot, you wouldn’t leave the runway without a flight plan in place. There’s simply too much at stake. The same is true of your career - retiring without a plan is a recipe for disaster.

Why FlightPath Financial Planning? As a licensed pilot, I know the importance of having a solid plan - without one, it’s easy to get lost. I have a passion for financial planning that equals my love for aviation. I founded FlightPath Financial Planning because I truly believe everyone can benefit from financial planning—not just the wealthy. It is our mission to provide extraordinary service and sound financial advice at a reasonable cost. FlightPath Financial Planning is here to guide you on your financial journey.

Mike Farrow, CFP®
Owner, FlightPath Financial Planning

Financial planning is multi-faceted!

Not all advisors are created equal. There are many things about FlightPath Financial Planning that set us apart.

Certified Financial Planner™


Holistic Planning

Fee Only

Flat Fee


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Three Easy Steps


Building your


Managing investments



Finding the right path for your future and reaching financial independence can seem daunting, but FlightPath Financial Planning will work with you every step of the way to make sure that we create the best plan for your finances and your goals.

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