Financial Services with FlightPath Financial Planning

I believe transparency and trust are fundamental to a successful financial planner and client relationship.

That’s why I listed our fees where everyone can see them.

At FlightPath Financial Planning we take pride in our robust offerings and our ability to serve the customer regardless of their current financial standing. We believe everyone deserves access to financial advice, we do not have asset nor account minimums. To be accessible to everyone, we offer a variety of service options. We offer Full Financial Planning Services, for the majority of our clients this is the greatest value. For simpler situations there is also a "Lite" Financial Planning option. Fees for our Full Financial Planning start around $2,000 (individual) $3,000 (couple) per year, paid 1/12 monthly, and increase or decrease based on your financial complexity. Lite Financial Planning is a flat fee and starts at $1,200 (individual) and $1,800 (couple) per year, paid 1/12 monthly.