Financial Services with FlightPath Financial Planning

I believe transparency and trust are fundamental to a successful financial planner and client relationship.

That’s why I listed our fees where everyone can see them.

At FlightPath Financial Planning we take pride in our robust offerings and our ability to serve the customer regardless of their current financial standing. We believe everyone deserves access to financial advice, we do not have asset nor account minimums. To reach everyone, we offer a variety of service options. We offer Full Financial Planning Services, for the majority of our clients this is the greatest value. For simpler situations there is also a "Lite" Financial Planning option. Fees for our Full Financial Planning start at $2,500 (individual) $3,500 (couple) per year, and increase or decrease based on your financial complexity. Lite Financial Planning is a flat fee and starts at $1,200 (individual) and $1,800 (couple).

There is a 0.25% management fee for managed accounts.

Financial Planning & Investment Management


This is our most robust offering, and as fiduciaries, we highly recommend going this route. We know you put in long hours at work, you have other life commitments, and your free time is extremely valuable to you. As Certified Financial Planning Professionals® (CFPs®), we are personal finance experts, and we manage money for a living. Let us provide you with our professional level services so you don’t have to spend the time and effort researching areas you aren’t an expert in. Together we will develop a financial plan that covers the relevant areas to your personal finances. We’ll help you implement the plan, manage your investments, provide ongoing maintenance and will alert you as unique planning opportunities arise.



You're feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the different account types and investment options out there, and you know you aren’t going to realistically commit the time and energy needed to properly manage them on your own, likely leaving lots of money on the table. Let us build and manage your portfolio with a world class strategy, using our low cost, tax efficient, and diversified approach. But that’s not all, as an added included service, we want to help you expand your financial robustness, so each year we will include time to discuss topic areas of your choosing (we can also make suggestions if you are not sure what areas would have the biggest impact) to make sure you aren’t missing out on something big

Financial Planning


This is our version of an hourly rate. Pick 2 of your financial pain points and we’ll cover them thoroughly with you for a simple flat rate. We don’t think we’ll need additional time, but if you come with lots of questions or need additional assistance, more time can be added at $250 per hour.