Guiding Your Financial Journey

We’re here to lead early and mid-career professionals to define and achieve financial independence.

Why take your journey with FlightPath Financial Planning

Financial Planning is a journey, it's not a destination. As a financial planner and pilot I know firsthand the importance of having a clear path and a trustworthy partner to guide you along the way. Aviation has taught me that careful planning, experience, and ongoing training are crucial for success, and the same goes for your finances.

At FlightPath, we are dedicated to helping you achieve financial independence, where you no longer have to worry about debt, student loans, how much to save for retirement, or whether you will ever be able to afford a home. We believe the key to reaching your goals is to work with a professional who will always put your interests first and has the knowledge and experience to guide you to your destination.

As Certified Financial Planners® we operate on a fee-only basis, meaning no commissions or sales, allowing us to avoid any potential conflicts of interest and work solely for you. Let us pilot your finances towards financial independence, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the journey. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

Mike Farrow, CFP®
Founder, FlightPath Financial Planning

Financial planning is multi-faceted!

Not all advisors are created equal. There are many things about FlightPath Financial Planning that set us apart.

Certified Financial Planner™


Holistic Planning

Fee Only

Flat Fee


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Four Easy Steps to Financial Independence


Building your


Implementing Recommendations


Managing Investments


Updates & Ongoing Maintenance


Your financial journey begins with a strong foundation. Having money in the bank isn't enough - to really take off you need a plan to grow you assets.

We Help you build towards financial independence.


Once you've reached financial independence, your goals shift to preserve and protect your wealth. We provide advice and guidance for a smooth financial journey.

We will be there every step
of the way.


You've reached your destination - you can settle comfortably into retirement and enjoy the benefits of your savings.

Your journey has only just begun!

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